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タイトル: The result of Study on Sustainable Saving Electricity – Future Perspective Based on the Delphi Survey and Scenarios -
著者: URASHIMA, Kuniko
GAMO, Hidenori
発行日: 11月-2013
出版者: 科学技術・学術政策研究所
資料の種類・番号/レポート番号: 調査資料;220
抄録: NISTEP has been conducting the study on sustainable saving electricity since 2011. Citizens in the Tokyo metropolitan area were forced to experience major electricity saving since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident causes by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The government appealed not only to industries but also to the general households and the embassies in Tokyo. Consequently, a major scale blackout did not occur that the public was worried about. However, for ongoing saving electricity measures, Japanese industries specifically show resistance toward the lifestyle related measures such as improving electric device operation and introducing working hour shift. It is also difficult to continue the measures by being patient. Therefore, we assessed the actual situation of saving electricity; discussed on sustainable saving electricity with the experts; and figured out what the sustainable saving electricity technologies and systems are through the Delphi survey and Scenario examination. Based on the outcomes, this report studied on the future perspective of sustainable saving electricity.
出現コレクション:03 調査資料 (Research Material)


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